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Are They Even The Same Species?

Madge: Petite, careful, never steps on you, doesn't climb.
Murphy: You can hear him stomping around. No sense of personal space, clambers over anything and anyone, jumps into impossible places, just to have a look.

Madge: Nibbles genteely at food, doesn't eat much, can be lured with Dreamies.
Murphy: Hoovers up several pouches at a time, chomps food, might like Dreamies, but I don't think they touch the sides as they go down. Begs for food.

Madge: Quite happy with herself. Sits on her perch bed or on our bed, sleeps quite a bit, enjoys sitting with me in the garden when it's sunny.
Murphy: I think he may be a shark, he never stops moving. Plus constant yowling for attention. Talks A LOT.

Madge: Goes to the toilet in a tres ladylike fashion, inside and out.
Murphy: Not sure if he's going to the toilet or fracking in the litter tray. Pees inside sometimes, don't think he's got the brains to go outside.

Madge: Protects the home and territory, will see off much larger cats. Hunts well. Very alert.
Murphy: Will watch like a dollop as other cats eat his food. Scared of just about everything, but chases bees and wasps.

Madge: Never comes when called, will turn tail.
Murphy: Bounds at you like a demented spaniel.

Both Bengals, reared in the same house, at the same time, by the same people, together. I've never seen two such dissimilar cats.


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