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A Strange Week

Kicking off with Joy's untimely death at the beginning of the week, followed by another friend having heart attacks and a double bypass, followed by another friend being given the news that she has breast cancer, followed by another friend upping and leaving her partner, albeit probably very temporarily. And all this on top of the usual ailments ladies of our ages get. Needless to say, I am still gallumping about on my sprained ankle, which hasn't subsided one tiny bit, and is very wearying indeed.

Boo is away this weekend, I horse traded that for a grand tidy up. Lounge was mostly done last night, lots more next weekend. He's coasteering, which seems pretty dangerous, even more so given the dire weather forecast! Jumping off cliffs n stuff, LOL. I am going to paint the bathroom floor, go shopping, go swimming and sit in the garden with my book. I'm also going to make another one of those delish chicken dishes I made last week, cuz I really enjoyed it, and I don't agree with the people who say they can't be bothered cooking for one. To me, it just means eating all the things I like, without the tiresome bother of vegetables, bwahahaha! I was sooo bad last night. It was humid, so I treated myself to a Magnum from the shop on the way home, got in and scoffed a big slab of cake - and then had dinner. By the luck of the goddesses, no weight change this week. I'm very annoyed and disheartened about the lack of gymming and exercise this effing ankle has cost me. But hey ho.

I had dinner booked at Trader Vic's with foxxx on Wednesday, she had a toof infection, so changed that to Monday next week. and I had a massage and facial instead. the facial was lovely, lavender, which smelled divine. The massage was relaxing but so-so, I prefer the harsh, boney Chinese.

Ebay has done splendidly, glad I put the effort in. I may be able to find more stuff to sell this weekend, especially if it's going to rain.


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