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Strange Day

Boo's birthday today, which he refuses to celebrate, I've offered numerous times. But he's having none of it. Tonight he plans to cycle to Dagenham to collect car parts. His choice I guess, but I feel very awkward as he's being generally off anyway, which I suppose is to do with the state of the house, which is pretty unbearable, and I've had the temerity to say so and tell him to start doing something about it, instead of whizzing off to enjoy himself all the time. So, general unpleasantness, which is fine I suppose. He's always had this hang up about birthdays anyway, he never does anything special on mine either, he does like to spread the love, LMAO!

And this morning I discovered the Joy of The Gate lost her short battle with lung cancer and a brain tumor. That has saddened me a great deal too. She was a larger-than-life character, who was always fun. RIP Joy, gone to sit with the goddesses.

Den and Erica issued a last-minute invite for breakfast yesterday. This turned out to ne in an old world war 1 NAAFI on an airfield, where a vintage vehichle rally was also taking place. Scoffed a lovely full English, some liquorice comfits and a rather large slab of home-made Victoria sponge cake, whilst admiring everything. We went back to their lovey house, ostensibly just for a drink, and ended up staying for a few drinks, a BBQ, a play with the chickens (yes, LOL) and a wee stroll to look at a local cottage boo was keen on (too small sadly, but oh so very dolly, I loved it).  So an unexpected nice day really, with added sunshine as a bonus.

Managed to de-clutter shoe rack number 2 on Saturday, more on Ebay and more to charity. Our bedroom is slowly looking better. Next I want to tackle hats, fascinators and general stuff around the dreser. I too have TOO MUCH STUFF and I am tackling it, pronto!

Think I may be getting my fet mojo back. Foot also feels slightly less swollen and painful, fingers crossed!!


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