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Feeling somewhat low. Rod, in his great wisdom, has decided that he's entitled to yet another TA weekend of jollies at the taxpayers expense, as well as this weekend, 3 weeks away with work and a 2 week TA holiday in September. He's not of course, and he's also not entitled to leave me in the middle of his mess, and he's additionally not entitled to expect me to keep shouldering his share of everything that needs doing in the house. But he doesn't see it like that, mainly due to his relentless pursuit of self. I asked what plans he'd made for us, and his reply was that I was "So Broken" that my options are closed, and that no plans are made as I don't always want to do what he wants. Breathtakingly arrogant of course. Nobody else would not plan anything at all because everybody else failed to fall in with their needs, and most people would expect somebody they referred to as "so broken" to single-handedly do everything at home. But still I manage with my sprained ankle. That got me called a thalidomide victim, which I tried not to let upset me, but it has.

On the plus side, I had a really nice night out with Shani at Westfield yesterday, we went to The Real Greek, delish food and a good chin-wag! Diva was in attendence, she's so good! Lovely catch-up and I hope to see her again soon.

Greg's just had his head and beard shaved for charity. he looks decidedly different, but I like it! A brave move.

Now I need to find something to make myself feel less miserable.


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