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Bites On My Inner Thigh

And the crease betwixt bum n leg, both upper arms, the backs of my calves and elsewhere. Ahhhhhh, the joys of camping in the Suffolk countryside! I feasted on Jimmy's delights, Jimmy's mozzies feasted on me. Still, could be worse, it could've been the low-flying bats that were swooping between the tents at dusk.

A really ominous journey up. We were late, it kept raining and the car was playing up. But a whole world of difference once we'd arrived. Glorious sunshine! 4 tents were duly erected by the boys, the girls did the sorting-out, and boo cooked up burgers on one frying pan, over the little Jetboil stove I brought him when he did the epic Yukon trip. That also proved to be a jem for our morning coffees, so glad I made that investment! And we also tucked in to a heart selection from rotten corner, rapidly purchased the evening before. With plenty of wine n beer. Proper. We were accompanied by Pete's bloody marvellous boxer dog, Dave, who has the most wonderful temprament. And we did what you should do when camping, had lots of tent sex, and talked absolute rubbish whilst embibing with fellow campers. Not quite as much rubbish as the 2 chaps in a nearby tent, who decided to still be gibbering at 4am, and noise carries at that hour.

The campsite was on one of Jimmy's fields, lots of free parking, the loos were cleaned at least twice a day and were spotless every time I visited them. The coffee shop place wasn't so good and was vastly overpriced (more so than inside the farm and at the festival itself I later found) and the queues for anything were bad. Timing on shower visits were essential. He n me did shower together, but the smallness of the cubicles made it a less-than-sexy experience, it's the thought that counts! Equally funny was the woman trying to barge in on me as she thought it was empty when he vacated, hahahaha!

Saturday morning, we had breakfast in 'Spoons. The others were healthy and had cereal n milk, we drove into Ipswich. Can't say much about that other than there seemed to be a few places of historical interest, but we weren't there long. The service in the pub was dire, they're both thick AND slow, but the food was yummy enough.

Easy in to Jimmy's with pre-paid tickets, no queueing. The atmosphere inside really was lovely. It's about 50% families and 50% foodies. Quite young, quite middle class, and everybody on good behaviour, apart from the arse who poured a pint of cider over his friend's 6 year old son's head. That was rather uncalled for I thought. Other than that, spiffy. The stalls were a mix of food (yup, lots of sosige) but also local cheese, chutney, honey, breads, cakes, bacon, pies, all sorts really, and something for every taste. Plus some very splendid wood turning pieces, and lots of chi chi boutiquey places for both clothing and home, so plenty of eye candy for shoppers. Two stages, one main and a smaller one, and both had a constant flow of damn good music, but I'd only heard of Dodgy and Matt Cardle. Then again, I am jolly old now. Plus of course Jimmy's rare breeds, gardens, Morris Dancers, stilt people, face painting, theatre, jam-alongs and all sorts really. Boo and I wandered of and did our own thang, quite happily. It was scorchio all day, which I loved, the others didn't seem so keen, and poor Dave suffered. Pete's a star though and kept dousing him regularly. We lasted all day, and came back for a shag, the others were already back at base, a tad sun-weary.

We drove to a dog-friendly pub, the Butt & Oyster in Pin Mill, a few miles way, which Pete had researched. Great spot, on the river, with the tide out and buzzing with locals. A short stroll post-dins, out on the causeway, and back to camp. Guy and Margs retired early, we sat up chin-wagginhg with Mandy and Pete. Mandy did so well, it was her first camping experience, and she was very apprehensive, Margo and I both love it, so we bouyed her along as much as we could. I hope she enjoyed herself, and Pete too, he hadn't been since childhood. I'm fine about living sans creature comforts for a while. Give me sunshine, wine and a book, and I'm happy as, and Margs is much the same. Plus I always feel super-confident when boo's around as I know how resourceful he is, and how he'll make things work. Outdoors is his thing, and I know Guy likes the boys stuff too.

Sunday, more tent sex of course, and I had hoped we'd all stay and hit the seaside for a day, but everybody else wanted to go, boo hoo. Mandy and Pete shot off early, I packed up our stuff as boo had work to do.  Margs, Guy and us two ambled back to the festival, made some purchases, went to the Butterfly House, saw some more animals, listened to some more music and enjoyed oursleves until 2ish, when we decided to make our way home. £30 for 2 people for 2 days, is a bargain I think. One day is sufficient really though, if I went again, I would make going-outy plans for the 2nd day and just use the campsite as base camp.

A good weekend, only 10 mins of rain on Sunday morning, very little traffic really, a great atmosphere and gentle fun. We missed Sandie n Pete muchly, I hope her back is recovering. My big downer was my effing ankle, which basically slowed me down, but I had some very strong drugs, and did what I could when I could, and everybody was very tolerant of my multiple rests.

Ve Le Camping! It genuinely is so lovely to be outisde, not worry about Facebook et al and just crack on with simple pleasures. I'm feeling tired, cleaner now I've had a proper bath n hair wash, and slightly awesome.


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