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That would be Hebrew for Palestine, even though Israel denies it's very existence.

I have long been an Israeli fan - I am neither an Israeli or a Jew, although of Jewish descent on my father's side. But I am an admirer of this little nation, with the BIg Attitude, that pretty much overcomes all. Until very recently, when using American money, they bombed the shit, and continue, to do so, out of a very liitle neighbour, פלשתינ. Even though it apprently doesn't exist. Does anybody else bomb somewhere that doesn't exist? But the bomb dosh sugar-daddy, Merica, has just decided it no longer really wants to be partisan to the systematic slaughter of innocent civillians. A bit like when they decided to not fund the IRA, post 9/11 really, too little too late, but better late than never one supposes. The uprooting of olive trees, the wanton destruction of Plaestinian houses, the arrests of children, all by Israelis bother me, and the rest of the civillised world.

Hamas is of course wrong in continuing it's own bombing, and 2 wrongs will never make a right. But it really is time for Israel to wake up and smell the coffee of woldwide condemnation of it's murderous activities. Accept the 2 state existence, and for Palestine to do the same. Because there are 2 states, like it or not. Israel needs Gaza like it needs a hole in the head.

In more pleasant news, I've spent the afternoon at Den n Erica's with a large bunch of lovely peeps, just back. A really tip top afternoon/evening. Stunned to see Mistress Sapphire minus six stones, and so amazed to see Lady Irene after 6 years of no contact. Like old times. Very grateful to Susie for the lift and everybody for the company, it could've been a very dull weekend otherwise. Ankle is still killing me, but fun prevailled!

Here's hoping for some rain, another airless, sleepless night will do me in!


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