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Mixed Blessings

Fun night out at Cafe Des Amis last night with dawnie, Sarah, Sandie n Debbie, and we were extremely undercharged, so left a tenner tip and vamoosed, as you do! But I've cancelled the gerls weekend in Wales with Linnie, as my ankle is no better, even after 3 weeks. Really sad to miss the trip, but I'm hobbling around in pain, so there's no point in making myself worse, and slowing everybody else down at the same time. Meh. Just meh.

Lovely dinner at the Oxo Tower on Tuesday with boo, I was amazed at how busy it still is. Restaurants in London seem to pass their sell-by dates very quickly, but not this one! Great service in this fully booked and large eaterie, fabulous views, great cocktails and the food was much better than I expected. My main course, salmo was huuuge, although my creme brulee was quite wee! The waiting staff were seriously on their toes, and yet found the time to chat knowledgeably about the food, and be both friendly and attentive. Had the house red, which was mellow and smooth, no complaints at all. Apart from boo, who was for some reason, completely stuck about talking about him and what he planned to do for himself. Not a sausage for me I'm afraid, not a single plan or treat. Just him, and he's alright Jack. Before that, we had a Time Out free film preview screening at the lovely cinema in Millbank. A good film, I like Nick Cage anyway, he handles slightly psychotic characters well. Gritty violence.

And himself is prolly going to be away in France for 3 weeks in August. No little Bank Holiday trip now, no Pedestal either, and it means he can add summer to the best part of 5 months he's already been away this year. Of course no plans have been made for his share of the housework and gardening, LOL. I shall just crack on and do everything myself.  One year it'll be my year, but for the 8th year on the trot, this ain't it. I've also cancelled our birthday booking for Petersham Nurseries, as he was being such an ingrate about it all, and I don't really see how you can enjoy a lovely top notch lunch in such a gorgeous place, after being on the slash with the TA the night before, which is seemingly much more important than anything I've planned. However, it'll be the ony TA thing in August.

Jimmy's festival coming up, I hope the weather is kind to us next weekend.

At the moment I feel a bit down, but the cats are making me happy.


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