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Spiffing Wekend!

8am on Saturday's for the hairdresser's, that'll teach me to book an appointment before Friday afternoon won't it!

And then orf to London for http://www.thechapolympiad.com/ which was most excellent! 99.9% of the attendees dressed up, which was fabulous, so many marvellous outfits and a twee, fun atmosphere. Silly games, Pimms and people being jolly polite and everso lovely to each other. We really enjoyed it. Foxxx had given me vouchers for a six course lunch at Shanghai Blues, ten minutes away, and that was amazing. The best Chinese food I've ever had, and cocktails that'd blow yer head off! The interior is really well thought out, and there were many young, wealthy Chinese dining, which is a good sign. Impeccable service, a tad slow, as the restaurant was completely full. But the food was to-die-for, we are every scrap. Thank you foxxx! http://www.shanghaiblues.co.uk/

Met up with Natasha and Robert back at The Chap Olympiad, wine, Pimms, and discussions about cats and latex, as you do. I've now had my first try of a pipe, and Rod match-maked one of Natasha's friends to an RAF chappie. All good fun!

In the evening, over to Pete's in Hitchin for a party, and caught up with a few people we've not seen in a while, and some old faces of course. Stayed upright until well gone 4am and decided to go to bed as it was getting light!  We stayed over, and Pete, the birthday boy cooked a full English on his sooper-dooper mega BBQ, which was delish. Copious coffees and lots of chats in the glorious sunshine before heading home. Great party, lovely peeps.

This afternoon I've been sort of napping and reading in the garden, Boo's been napping and watching the TdF, and he's cooking dins now, hurrah!


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