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Jul. 11th, 2014

Well, I've re-lost the weight I gained during the last month's shennanigans, plus another kilo. So slow work, but I'm happy with that, I haven't starved, I've eaten out a great deal, had loadsa treats and, naturally, drank red like it's going outta fashion. So not to shabby. The big downer at the mo is my effing ankle. Three weeks now, and it's still VERY painful, and I can't walk far, so full on gym is, I'm afraid, out of the question. Pahhhhh.

Murphy has a late-night visit to the emergency vet on Wednesday night. Just an upset tummy it transpired, which cost me £113 for the visit and meds, but I'd rather be safe than sorry. He's still "quiet" and just nibbling at stuff, but a huge improvement.

Le weekend - well, Chap Olympiad in Lunnun tomorraz, which will hopefully be colourful and super-fun (but again, I am worried about trying to stand for periods) and we have a delightful lunch at Shanghai Blues, thank you foxxx for giving us the vouchers for 6 courses and cocktails! In the evening we have a mate's birthday BBQ in Beds, but it's all weather dependent, and it's not looking too bright so far! I'm sure we'll manage whatever :)

Have a hairdressers appt at 8am, due to leaving it too late to book anything else, so that's my lie-in fooked!


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