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Well, Murphy has been back for 2 weeks, and it was decided that as he escaped 4 times in 24 hours, and returned when called, it would be kinder to him and easier on us to let him out, as he was maxxxing the effort he was putting into Houdini-stylee tactics to get outside. So far so good, he's very consistently come when called, and even miaows loudly if he's some distance away, to let us know he's coming. He's mostly out all day, and if he hasn't wandered back in by late evening, as is usually the case anyway, he gets called in, as I don't want him out at night.

Madge has had her nose seriously put out of joint, but we felt it unfair to shut one of them in a room and re-introduce them. So the pwincess has been made to suck it up. Both of them have been showered with love, in the presence of the other and apart, and madame gets told off when she hisses and growls and stalks him, which is hilarious to watch, as she's a tiny scrap and he's a big bruiser. He's had a few swipes and a couple of attacks from her, which he simply ignores bless him. But this weekend, it's been all-change. She's allowed him to groom her, and she's deigned to groom him. No fuss when he's in the same room, and even on the bed. She's a changed woman, a very benign dictator indeed. Best of all, this evening they were playing in the garden together, and even co-hunted some birds. Brilliant!

A way to go yet, but very good progress in a short space of time, so we're pleased. And life is more peaceful than we expected.


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Jul. 8th, 2014 06:56 am (UTC)
Glad to hear he's back. :) Our ginger boy hates confinement - you'd think when we have to keep him in for a vet visit we're the cruelest people on earth, he starts hurling himself bodily at the cat flap and yowling fit to bust if we ignore him. Our tortie girl's a bit better but even she has limits, she was ill in the autumn and had to stay in for a week after a few nights at the vet. She spent all her time after the first day or so hanging round the cat flaps and front door with the most pitiful meows you ever did hear. We're supposed to move house soon and I'm dreading having to keep them in a few weeks until they are familiar enough with the house to be allowed out again!!
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