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Weekend that is. Saturday, I failed to get up early, but went to the gym late anyway, not that I can do a lot on my sprained ankle, which is still mega-ouchy. Came home, did us a light lunch of scrambled eggs and somoked salmon, watched the TDF and we ambled upstairs for some pre-nap activities, and a nap. I had hoped for 3-4 hours, but only managed an hour in the end, better than nowt. In the early evening I cooked up some picnic stuff, boo packed it in the giant coolbag and at 11.21PM, we set off for London and our bike adventure.

Found the gang at Liverpool Street, and started off with boo's Boris Bikes demo. It is relatively easy and quick, barring the fact that some don't work, and the irksome 5 minute wait bewteen hires. But pretty soon we were on our way, with no route and no agenda other than having a laugh. Gotta say, it was great cruising round with sooo little traffic, taking in the sights. We circled round the city, over bridges, to St Paul's, across the Millennium bridge,The Golden Hind, an archeological sight,  over to Borough Market, where we found The Boat stragglers and lost Tony, which mean an hour lost looking for him. Then decided he may have gone on to Tower Bridge as we'd mentioned it, but he wasn't there. Sarah and dort flew off to find him, we picniced in the grounds of the Tower of London, and had a pee in the bushes, so we'll get busted for treason. Copious coffee, and back on the bikes, finishing up eventually in Soho sometime after 7am. Breakfast in Balans, and that's when the tiredness hit me! Home on the train, quick call to Oz and then bedtime! Odd going to bed at 9am on a Sunday morning, but I slept like a log,

What a fun night out that was, everybody wants to do it again, maybe with our own bikes next time, less faffing with hires. But a brilliant way to spend time with friends and see things you don't normally. A shame we lost Tony, and then Sarah and her dort as a result, we'll have to make a solid plan for our lost n founds next time. July is a great time to do it, just a light cardi, the temp didn't drop below 14, no rain, everything was perfick. Loved it.

Was going to cancel debbie for dinner on Sunday night, but boo offered to shop and coock, which he did, filling the house with flowers at the same time. So had a big girly gossip and wine with her out in the garden, he served dinner, and washed up, I'm really chuffed with him! We spent the rest of the night sorta watching stuff and nodding off, in bed by 11, both a bit tired still.


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