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Hasta La Vista Ma

Well, Ma Kelson is on her way to Oz, via One Night In Bangkok, and what she’ll make of that, who knows! It’s been a lovely visit, albeit very short, 3 weeks have just whizzed by. Really sad to see her go in fact, she’s been no trouble at all! She’s eats everything put in front of her, she’s amusing company, and the cats have taken to her, so what’s not to like!

Boo’s been taking here here there and everywhere, my time’s been a bit more limited as I’ve had work, plus I was in Portugal with Queen Vic for a few days too. Plus she’s been in St Ives for a week with Boo’s older sister, and loved it. But this week we’ve managed to have some time together, which has been fabby. Yesterday we took her to Crews Hill, one of my local vintaging places, and she acquired a lovely marcasite bracelet. In the evening we went to Covent Garden with his sister and hubby to a place called Polpo. An oddity, Italian tapas, rather expensive. Think £2 for a single croquette and £3 for a meatball! Tasty food, although it was all very regular in shape and size, so probably not freshly made on the premises. Very tart, young wine, disappointing desserts. Not bad, but really not that great for the money, but I guess we are both pretty spoiled with eating out, and it’s a matter of taste too. Tony was very generous, we shall have to treat them back soon -I like old-fashioned Italian, lotsa carbs n wine, with jovial service and freshly cooked, delicious food.

Wednesday we went to see this http://gordonconfesses.co.uk/ and if you haven’t seen it, don’t! It’s incredibly boring. The sole actor is good, but the subject matter is duller than ditchwater, and of course, nothing happens. The theatre was less than half full, and 50% of those that were there were asleep. Very annoyed by no less than 3 phones going off as well, how bloody rude is that! Free tickets kinda eased the burden, but it’s a big “NO” from me. Preceeded by lunch at Wolfe’s, a very very reasonable £12.75 for 2 courses, we sat outside in the sunshide, admiring the Masonic Lodge (later visited) I had a tartlette, much bigger than expected, and yummy. Main course was good too, although Rod’s fish n chips was overcooked to the point of being burnt. They did twice offer to change it, but they can see it’s burnt when they bring it out, it was actually brown and black! That part notwithstanding, a good meal, and very keenly priced.  http://www.wolfes-grill.net/restaurant.html

Last couple of days we’ve a-wandered round Covent Garden and Soho in the evenings, me limping along on a badly sprained ankle. We’ve taken Mum Pimmsing in a gay bar and shown her around. I think she coped marvellously well with the tube during rush hour, she’s a game bird.

Too short a visit!


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