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Jun. 9th, 2014

Sunday was good. Up earlyish and we biked over to Harlow for brekkie, it was sooo sunny, absolutely gorgeous! We found this tiny converted lock house on the Rivert Stort, they'd made a sort of cafe, so we had a much-needed ice cream on the way up. Himself decided to traipse around the boot fair, when he's supposed to be clearing up, and so I came most of the way home on the train, which spoiled it really. Hey ho.

Then a last-minute invite from sarah to a family BBQ, so we hopped over to Edgware and sat in the back garden with them, and had a lovely, very chilled afternoon, just rabbiting really. And then over to Greg and Ian's in Slough, for some super-posh nibbles, lovely red and a splosh in their very expensive hot tub, where we stayed until about midnight. We stayed overnight at the Novotel, can't tell you what it's like, we barely saw it before having breakfast and checking out!

Today, in workshops all day at Heathrow, they went well, but less than delighted with a 3 bloody hour journey home. I decided I've eaten too much today, a full English, and a big 2 course lunch, so dinner was juicy strawbs and clotted cream. I've had a very naughty 3 food days, and hols at the end of the week, arghh!


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