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May. 30th, 2014

Tonight we've been test driving a new maid. And she us of course. I think this might work out rather well. I haven't had a good one since Australian Elvis in Camden, although Nothing was quite good. Time will tell, but I'm impressed and enthusiastic so far! As she toiled, he n me did the gardening. And Madge caught a bird and shipped the poor thing into the lounge, ewwww. Not nice, it was still very much alive-o

So, today endeth my 2 weeks sans assistant, and I think I've done quite well, and I think I'll be bally pleased to see her on Monday. I've been really busy each day, and enjoyed it.

Last night Vicky was unexpectedly in town and we went into Cosmoba for a couple. Good to catch up with her. She's not a big drinker, and I was very amused when she flashed me her new titzen in Tesco's, hahahaha!

No clubbing this weekend, we have Guy n Margs BBQ on Sunday, and I'm hoping the weather will be lovely for them.

Just a pound shifted this week, but I haven't been at all strict with either food or exercise. I shall put more effort in next week. But the favourable comments from peeps that haven't seen me for a while have been most encouraging.

The poo news is boo is now going to Ireland next week, which frankly, is shite :(


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