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Got up early as planned, got the bike out and whooshed off, ostensibly to Ware, where I'd planned to have brekkie. What a glorious morning! Sun was out, the towpath was relatively empty, just a handful of dog walkers, joggers and fellow cyclists, and the only noise was the birds n bees. I stopped a couple of times for coffee slurps, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Last night boo suggested I carry on to Hertford, another 4 miles (8 return) and I wasn't keen, but upon arrival in Ware, I felt strong enough to carry on, so I did just that.

Arrived at 'Spoons, had a brekkie out in the sun, reading my little book. I discovered I'd forgotten the bike lock, but not an issue as the beer garden was open *phew*

The route back was MUCH busier, everybody was out n about, including the bargees who were all on deck sunning themselves. Much slower back as I had to stop quite a few times to pass families out stroliing etc, but still wonderful none-the-less. Spoke to himself, who was just out of bed, and heading off for a ride himself (he'll do double what I do, and he's doing mountains!), but all in all, I am really pleased with my 25 mile effort! A little surprise on the last leg, through the woods - a Muntjack Deer came out of nowhere, was stunned by the sight of me zooming towards it, and leapt back off the path into the trees. It nearly had me off my bike!

Home, and an hour in the garden with Madgetastic. Another little Mother Nature run-in. I heard a sort of grunting noise, looked up, and lo a fox was standing not 10 feet away. Not Renard though. Smaller with more white bits, so I fancy it's the mother of the cubs at the bottom. She just vanished into the undergrowth.

I've just been swimming, which was great, and I'm now munching expensive and rather delicious cheeses. And I think I'll head back into the garden with the newspapers now.

The only thing that could've made today better would've been boo being home.


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