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Yesterday morning I got up early and met Laura Trott as she opened the new leisure centre. A very lovely lady she is, chatted, and signed an autograph for me :)

Then I had to wait for the Sky man, and managed to mow two of the lawns and trim the front hedge whilst he went about his business. Sky now works, but not seeing much difference to Virgin to be honest! Still, it's free! And then zoomed round Tesco's for some food, before jumping in the bath and meeting Debbie at Illusions, which we thought was a wine bar.

It's a rather swishy restaurant, although not expensive. They do booths, which you can hire along with Grey Goose vodka and cocktails, or Indian tapas or just plump for food, which we did - and got a free booth. We were surprised that it was packed, clearly very popular! The food is sort of Indian, but not quite, there are no curries. And bally good it was too. House wine very affordable, plus we indulged in some cocktail pitchers, which were delish. Good service, good fun. Kayleigh completely embarassed her dear mama by telling out-of-school tales, hilarious. Left quite merry *ahem*

Up early this morning, after a nightmare. Went to the gym, but I still can't do a lot - it's the thought that counts! Then on to Harlow briefly, to look at kitcheny things. Back home, mowed the back lawn and weeded, with Madge's assistance. She's drunk in love that one. Then I started putting all the kitchen stuff back in, and cooked mahself honey roast gammon with Ceasar salad. Next I shall have a bath, and then I'd better start tacking Ebay postings I suppose.

I'm tired now, and a bit achey from the gardening. I've tried really hard to be busy and cheerful today, even though I really haven't felt that way at all. Rod's too busy to talk.

I've also made anothrt trip up the road to do a bit of Thomas-searching, but no luck.


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