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Apr. 30th, 2014

I've been eating chocololate cakey, which I shouldn't, which I shall ascribe to stress. Ditto all the "conference snax" during the second day of training at work today. Ooopsie.

Good stuff - fox cubs have a den at the bottom of the garden and are coming out to play at dusk, awwww. As always, super-cute, inquisitive and nosiy! So my thoughts about the bin bags were correct. I indulged myself with half an hour watching and trying to photograph them. I do hope Madge doesn't find them, I'll have to distract her from the bottom end of the garden. Not difficult at the moment as she is utterly bewitched with Dreamies. Which she has steadfastly refused for the last 3 weeks. No interest at all. But she is slowling changing. As well as being uber-loving and affectionate, she's taken to playing more now. Settled. I like that.

Trying to sort out cat sitting and the kitchen decorating is proving much more difficult than it need be. I am hoping that Kayleigh isn't disturbed too much, but we shall see, and hope for a good result at the end of it all. But I don't need the aggro 3 days before we go, on top of a backlog of work, training, a sore throat and a severe lack of that useful thing called "time".

Boo brought dinner home, we've relaxed, although not til after 10 again. I can't wait to get to Sardinia and just enjoy the wine, sunshine and just being together with no hassles.


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