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Eyeball level stress for both of us at work, but tonight, we fly! I am still waiting for poor Rod to finish work and get home, changed and straight out the door again. He's been working unbelievably hard really. Too too much.

No sign of Thomas and he's 6 days missing now. I really hope he's being cared for. Madge on the other hand, is a new woman. No more yowling, she's loving, settled and playful. She sleeps on the bed, and doesn't move when we get in, quite the lil princess. And she's very cuddly and chirps away when she's being fussed. The only cloud are those 2 fucking Bengal boys from over the road. They come into the garden repeatedly and terrorise her, so we'll have to find a way to block them out somehow, it's not fair on her. I don't think she particularly wants to go far, and she'd be happy just roaming the garden, which is plenty big enough. I really would like Thomas to magically reappear though.

I went to the podiatrist this morning, re ingrowing toe nail on my big toe. I assumed he'd have a look and book me in, but oh no. He decided to tackle it there and then. For a Brucie Bonus, it had a corn underneath as well, no bloody wonder it was painful. Anyway, I grimaced and squealed through that, then he decided 4 other toes were slightly ingrown too, so now I have 5 bandaged toesies, but considerably less pain. The relief is palpable.

No weigh loss of any note to report this week, due to being very piggy for 4 days over Easter, but I have managed to drop what I gained, and I'm really happy with my 16 kilos lost to date. Much happier, curvier and fitter.


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