September 17th, 2019

(no subject)

Have to say Amytriplene and aspirin work marvels. Went to bed last night, albeit at 12.40, and slept like an angel. Didn't wake up once, and at 6.45 I was buzzing, refreshed and relaxed. Ahhhhhhh Bisto....

This morning, en route to work, I saw a chap hit by a bus. It was quite shocking. He wasn't badly injured, it sorta clipped him, he was waiting at the crossing and the bus sped by, fast, too close to the kerb, so he got it in the face. Various girls around me started screaming, I just went and picked him up. He was OK. He may have bruises by now, but he was unharmed, very shaken, and doused in the coffee he was carrying. I hope he's OK. The bus driver pulled up, got out and came running over, bless him. I don't think anyone was actually at fault, just one of those things. But scary.

Board meeting held over til Monday now. That was after I'd prepped everything and put my make up on. The only plus in this was the multitude of compliments my faux vintage dress got.

Managed to do a ton of cleaning and tidying tonight, I have wrinkled bleach fingers. I plan on doing a lot more this weekend. A summer of fun has left untidiness and housework to do, no excuses, crack on!

Hoping to see boo before he jets off to Montreal, but thinking that won't happen. In fairness, having done weeks and months at a time because of work or TA, I know I'll live. But I still would like to....And wake up curled with him.

Even though I haven't taken my holidays for this year yet, next year is in the planning. Donna's 60th in Marrakech in Oct. A long weekend in Amsterdam with Philippe in May. And pending the outcome of my injections in Oct, Camino in spring. Let's see what 2020 brings me. I think it'll be a lot more than that ;)