September 16th, 2019


Gym tonight, just a quickie. I am almost over the MI line, I should be done by the weekend. It's been a long slog, but it's important that I do it.

Tuesday, Ruislip, to report to the board. At 4.30, cheers.

Wednesday, another gym quickie and then I have a sub about the back door visiting. If I can get that done very soon and minus the £600, I shall be a happy lady indeed.

Thursday I will be stepping right outside my comfort zone again, and tackling one of my fears.

Friday, yanno, I may just come home and open some wine. But only if I have achieved MI.

The weekend is debatable. I have the opportunity to go out and do some fun stuff, and also the opportunity to get quite a lot done at home. Some by me, some by somebody else. I think I should take the sensible road, I don't want to live in a mess. I want to get things done, and they don't get done if I'm out all over the place. The world is so much more chilled and relaxed when things get done. I'm too wise to be chasing my own tail all the time.


Good and Bad

So I just pipped over the line and got my Mission Impossible status again. It resets, so I need to get another 11200 points in the next 28 days to retain it. I am pleased that I managed to put the graft in. Less pleased that I've only lost 1.1 kilos, WTF???? I genuinely thought I'd done a lot better, hey ho.

Rod came and pumped up Brunhilde, and his mountain bike, which I'm going to have a wee try of soon. But when I put Frenchy back in the back garden, the whole gate fell off. It's rotten.

Instead of cracking on with things here at home, I ended up doing work stuff, due to multiple tech failures over the last week. I'm probably toooooo diligent.

Very poor sleep last night, both knees decided to hurt, when they'd been perfectly good all day. And they are again now. Plan A is take 2 Amytriplene, 2 aspirin and pray for some decent sleep. Although Murphy was more than happy for me to be fussing him at 2am. Dribble dribble.

The scabs came off my dumpling burns, which mean my feet now look less unsightly, and I finally got to try on the hot pink patent Dr Martens Rod got me. They are brand new, so need wearing in, but I am in love with them! I am already thinking I need a pink jacket to match!

Green tea. Goodnight.