September 6th, 2019


It's only mid-afternoon, and I have had such a marvellous day already. Everything I touch turns to gold!

Every quote converted. Every outrageous proposition taken.

Put myself down for a more corporate adventure, Director said yes, and thank you. I expected a no.

Same Director relieved me of a very boring task, which all the other hotels have to do.

FOUR new pairs of completely and utterly fabulous Irregular Choice shoes.

The son at Cosmoba looked at me in my Monsoon floral dress and said I was the brightest thing in all of London.

A friend bravely named me as helping, coming out for her, when she was suicidal.

Found a good recipe for Pad Thai, Rod's was so lovely. I think i'll cook that on Sunday night as a treat. Tiff left some of the ingredients, so that's a win.

Slept like a log again, a quick gym after work methinks.