September 5th, 2019

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I have had to deal with a particularly repulsive guest tonight. Which I did in my own inimitable style. I doubt he'll get a hard on again this week/who cares. On that note, £2 a minute to listen to me washing up is fair, I am the veritable qween of multi-tasking, hahahaha!

I sat in the square behind work at lunchtime, coming to no conclusions, but enjoyed the dying embers of summer anyway. I still have dumpling burns on my right foot, sex bruises all over from Rod, a slight tan from our trip to Toulouse, and apparently, my right leg is half a kilo heavier than my left. Worse things have happened at sea, I'm sure. The sun is now too weak to tan. Adios summer, see you again soon I hope.

My lost tropical bikini top is in Rod's case, yay! It's only ASDA, but I really liked it, so happy it's been located. I am pushing my Fatties group hard, but leading from the front. I have had 2 nights of really good, solid sleep, happy days. On plan :)

Decided to gift Donna a vintage kimono in lieu of getting my dress for Sandie's wedding properly fitted. The wedding will be a blast, Oirish innit! She has reiterated a dress code of faaaabulous, we shan't let her down. I love her idea of a simple ceremony, a sit down dinner, and we've all already chosen, and a lot of dance n drink afterwards, it'll be a blast. She knows many alternative peeps too, a bonus :)

Naked Attraction is currently the pits of reality TV. Several series later, their success rate is ONE. One couple have stayed together. And quite frankly, if you are prepared to sit in judgement of others, based on looks and physique alone, you get what you pay for, nothing. |I will hold out for a deeper, more intimate connection, where lies are not needed. And at 53, we all deserve that.

Boris, Brexit and all that balls holds no interest. My Business Administration pack arrived today, that's far more pertinent.

22 at gym, and Still I rise.