September 4th, 2019

Hup Hup!

A very solid day today. The rugrats are back at skool, so the corporate machine is back in full swing, and I had a very pleasurable eight hours today, very full on.

Sold 3 kimonos, minus Ebay commissions.

Took a bold step towards conquering another one of my self-induced phobias. After all, if I can manage to cycle in to the heart of central London alone, and around Toulouse, with the traffic going the wrong way, I feel pretty sure I can knock the next one on the head too. Watch this space.

If things hold, and I am holding my breath that they do, eschewing free tickets in lieu of getting things done should work out very nicely thank you.

Gymmed, swimmed and set myself a big target for the end of the month.

Let's do it!