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August 16th, 2019

A Good Night & A Project Managed Weekend

Last night I did a Simply Cook Stroganoff for Rod, which turned out well. Then we laid on the sofa and watched The Hangover III (I still want to go to Vegas!) and some Mickey Flannagan, which was funny. Phone call very well handled. And then had an early night, as we'd both had a very late one the night before. Slept reasonably well, my knee still woke me up but I mnaged to drift back off. And this morning the boo fixed my blocked kitchen sink - and washed up!

I had already put aside this weekend for catching up on numerous things that have been dangling a while, so my To Do List is as follows:

Book and pay French classes.

Make Plan B for Aug weekend if weather seems unfavourable.

Find a house and/or garden slave.

Swim n gym at least once, smash up the gym ranking from 146 to at least 99.

Get clit piercing sorted.

Find a man about the back door.

Belgium planning?

Decide and book next Level 2 course.

Book Gas Safety Inspection as it's already a month out of date.

I have 53 things listed on Ebay. Get that to 80.

Do knee physio twice a day.

Weeding, and if dry enough, mowing.

Some housework.

Let's see how I get on with that little lot! Weather does not look even vaguely summerish, but if I manage to get through ALL of it, I may allow myself a couple of hours in the garden, with a book on Sunday.

Have a lovely weekend everybody x x x


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