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August 14th, 2019

Did gym last night, so that's twice in 7 days so far. Cycling just to and from the station at the moment, that's ok. Having wee walks when I can. Doing the NHS physio by myself I am determined to get that knee better. It's worse when I have been sat or lying, once I get going it isn't toooooo bad. The lioness in me wants to get back on the gym rankings!

Invited to a "select gathering" at the warehouse tonight, Santi is cooking.

Prepping a loooong "to do" list for the weekend. The devil makes work for idle hands!

Boo in my thoughts all day, it's the anniversary of Janice's passing, he's in Edinburgh with his girls. In a container, which is brill!


Great time at the warehouse tonight. Michael is a project manager at the Bank of England - and the cousin of Angel from Escape to The Chateau! He regaled me with family photos there. Only a tiny bit jel! Kim was a doll and brought her white haired 3 year old dort, whom Santi totally engaged with, blithely ignoring the grown ups. Sundry arty peeps from the warehouse joined us for supper. Which was a very tasty scrambled eggs (an in joke as Micheal is recovering from food poisoning), sun-dried tomatoes that had something done to them, and were so tasty I actually ate loads, some handmade burgers with chilli, bacon and some very ripe ewes cheese from Portugal. Simple, but exceedingly tasty.

Slightly dwunkers. Managed to hit a large white van as I was "elegantly dismounting". No harm done.

Reading Lin's account of her travels, she's now Melbourne/Great Ocean Road. I feel hugely homesick and very tearful. I really wish we could go back.

I will add extra things to my weekdn to do list for being so weak and emo.


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