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August 13th, 2019


An amazing production. Homo-erotic and very fetishistic, and that's even before the full frontal made nudity. The psychatrist and boy roles were powerfully played and the man-horses were electric. I was mostly mesmerisied and pondering on what we perceive to be mad and conversely, normal, the play explores that theme particularly well. Virtually no props or SFX, just some cunning lighting and spectacular acting. Go see it if you can.

Slept actually in the bed with Rod last night. I did wake up in pain a couple of times, but because I had a purry next to me, I settled back down, instead of making coffee or pootling, so I've had a reasonable nights' sleep. And feeling better for it. i went for a 20 minute walk at lunchtime and planning to hit the gym after work, and see how that goes. I really am trying my best. I rode my bike this morning, it's the least pain I've had for at least a fortnight, every little helps! I have decided I might treat myself to a hybrid with dutch handlebars, with a strict £300 budget, new or used. I want something vintagey looking, but with gears a go-go. But not until I am 100% sure my knee can take it.

Nix n Tiff in Thailand over my birthday next year, so I am having a think about that. However, the "opportunity" of spending 12 hours in cattle class with my knee the way it current is, does not appeal. Biz is £2.5k. I don't have to decide right now.

"Travel with a purpose". I am thinking about that.

This weekends' weather does not look good. No gardening I'm thinking. So I will tackle the Ebay mountain on the table! And a multitude of other projects I have banging around in my head.


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