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August 11th, 2019

Le Weekend

I am going to type a lot in the hope that it stops me from ordering a Chinese. A now have a fridge full of (full price, bugger!) food, but I feel too tired to cook.

Yesterday was Den n Erica's usual annual BBQ, but smaller and a much more interesting crowd. I do love being able to talk really openly about fet and sex and everything in between, without it being creepy or just titillating. It was a great bunch. Watched F & C interacting with their joint F slave. Loved it and have decided that if I can find the right person, then having both a male and female slave that we could both enjoy is the way forward. No expectations though. I poddle on as I am. I admired a lady who's tanned and limber. Same age as me, but with a considerably easier life. And was told "but you sparkle even when there's nobody there". I had to walk off. I didn't think people think of me like that.

Dawnie and Phil most excellent company, we laughed a lot. Erica did her lovely usual feeder thing and gave us far to much lovely, something I'll never complain about. My favourite Viking, was, my favourite Viking. Mynxie was naked and gorgeous. Such a lovely bunch.

D & P stayed chez moi, we all slept rather well after quite a lot to drink and a lift home from Uncle. But we all got up early and headed to 'Spoons for the obligatory Full Ingrish, and I went down to see the 'rents in Kent straight after.

Dad is better, although still not very mobile, he's minorly getting about on crutches. Can't bath or shower. The "care package" lasted a whole 5 days and wasn't much cop. No biopsy results still, but he won't let me roast them. Mum struggling with everything. Dad thinking this is it for him. I mowed the lawn and weeded and watered the plants, and sat with them chatting for a few hours. I would love to be able to take Mum shopping, she hasn't been out of the house for a month. Dad needs a proper bath, but I am a female. They both want to shop for a new PC but getting them out together is something I can't do alone, and no car anyways. I feel totally inadequate and it really upsets me. The last thing I want to do is fail the ONLY people in the world that chose ME.

I slept in the bed by myself last night, following 2 amitryplene, 2 painkillers and 7 hours of alcohol. My knee is really painful. I have embarked on a big self-help plan as I don't believe the NHS will help me. And it's times like this when my bolshy, determined MissP will push me though.


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