August 10th, 2019

(no subject)

Went to bed, aka sofa at 12.30 and slept like a baby. Almost 8 hours! Would've been longer if the boys hadn't decided to be vocally hungry. Yesterday was a loooong day.

A little disappointed that I wasn't up in time for swimming, but I needed the sleep. So this morning I shall potter with hausfrauing and Erica has said she's going ahead with the BBQ, so looking forward to seeing friends later.

Getting messages from Google and What'sapp asking me to verify it's me. Nobody else is, so wondering if I've been hacked. Can't really do anything except change passwords. As I type, events are coming up on my phone, in Russian!

Keeping Santi sane online, he's decided to sack the horses trip and come home. Lara Croft asked to stay here last night, but ended up at a friend's place in Bishops Stortford once she'd gotten off the plane from Lisbon. I probably would've been fast asleep anyway!

Blowing a gale, I'm not going out on my bike :(