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August 7th, 2019

Aug. 7th, 2019

The Good

New fridge freezer arrives tomorrow, so no more dicing with death.

Dawnie and Phil staying Saturday night, lovely to have some house guests. We're off to Den n Erica's BBQ on Saturday arvo, I hope the weather is kind to us.

Have made good inroads with my hand held hedge trimmer, I'm very taken with it! Now I want to long one that flattens the top. With power tools, I can easily conquer the Universe. A bit.

Did one of the Simply Cook boxes last night, Balinese Chicken, it was nice!

Rod brought a pineapple, that's tonight's dins, I love pineapple.

The Bad

Knee spectacularly painful this morning when I got off my bike at the station. Still no sign of the musculoskeletal triage appt.

Mum and Dad still trapped in the house. I will go down on Sunday and see them after P&D have gone. I wish I had a car so that I could take them out or something :(

Asst slow. Like sl o o o o w.

Tonight I'll have to defrost, clean and move the old fridge freezer. Meh.

The Unusual

Rod tried to replace my clit ring last night, which I can assure you isn't as sexy as it might sound. It's in, but no ball, so will probably come out again. We'll have it re-done when I can get to a piercer.

Challenge Accepted

Clearly I am going nowhere with the Musculoskeletal Triage appointment. Their phone number is to an answerphone that blythely informs me that if I am awaiting an appointment, there's a long waiting list. Cheers. Thanks for that.

Read 35 page document, which I am probably not meant to have access to, and it is seemingly an exercise in buck-passing to prevent people getting what they need, IE replacements https://www.england.nhs.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/msk-orthopaedic-elective-care-handbook-v2.pdf

Downloaded osteo-arthritis physio, and shall commence myself. Fuck 'em.

However, if they think they can fob me off, they can think again. I am up for the challenge. In the very same vein, my Dad still hasn't got his kidney biopsy results, so Death Valley are going to get a rocket up their arses in the morning.

A review of my pacer shows me doing around 5000 steps a day. I will push on as much as I can and try to get back to 8-10k a day. Ditto cycling. Ibuprofen, topical gel and let's see where that goes. Also need to get back in to trainers not sandals as they're more supportive.

Tonight I've tackled more of the ivy with my hedge trimmer. I am covered in bites, some of which have really blown up. Rod advised Piriton, which I've taken.

Manhandled fridge freezer out, cleaned the larder and painted the inside door.

I am very determined. I was thinking about the planned Camino Santiago and cancelling it all. Instead, I'll plan some more. If push really comes to shove, I can do some of it on an electric bike. However, I think, if I manage things carefully, I should be able to cope on a standard.

Also, need to re-start swimming.


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