July 22nd, 2019

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It’s been mixed Sunday!

I woke up with Fatso as the sun was rising, feeling pretty good. Post multiple coffees, I set out on my bike, with some trepidation, due to my knee, but wanting to give it a try. Much to my surprise, I found the flat easy, easier than walking, so ended up doing 30km. I would have done much further if I hadn’t been alerted by Lucy to Dad being in huge amounts of pain, not getting attention and being put on morphine. So back I went and sorted that out. He doesn’t want to make a complaint at this stage.

They think the leg issue is to do with arthritis and not being mobile, he had an MRI this morning as still no diagnosis on his kidneys. No sign of him getting home yet either 

Further convos with him, Mum and Lucy. Mark went up to see him, which is great. But Mark is off to Croatia tomorrow, so that’s one less of us.

It’s quite stressful trying to deal with one disabled parent, one immobile parent in hospital, Social services, the hospital and ping pong info between various involved parties.

I sat a while in the back garden with my book, in the sunshine, but found I really couldn’t settle, so had a bath instead.

Boo came, we dined, binge watched 3 episodes of Drag, none of which were as poignant as the first, but still good, and had blood orange gin, which is on special at Tesco. He’s the sole reason I’ve slept in the bed for a week! He’s also offered to help me if needed, which is lovely. I’m not very good at getting help though. Or being looked after. I would like to be looked after, but I’m 53 now, and realistically, I don’t think it’ll happen. He said I hide behind a mask. I don’t really think I do, leastways not intentionally. But I’ve become accustomed to getting things sorted for such a long time, and looking after other people, maybe its second nature now. Maybe somebody will, you never know…..

Odd request last night, Whats’app, “Can I bury Chris in your garden”. I assumed it was a wrong person scenario, but it transpires Chris was her hamster. I said yes, so long as she’s prepared for the foxes to dig the poor bugger up.

Content but parentally anxious. I think. Dunno.

Work busy, Ebay doing well, and a few interesting things on the horizon, although I am basically just concerned about my parents for now. Don't have time for much else.