July 20th, 2019

A Night of Rest!

Last night I was supposed to be at my assistant's leaving party. Instead I stayed for a G&T, headed home, and got straight into the bath. I got into my snuggly jammies, despite the 23 degree heat, and stayed on the sofa. Just resting. It's been ace, I think I've had about 6 hours sleep, the most in almost 2 weeks.

This morning me knee has gone down a little bit, and feels more flexible. Today is going to be a bit ghastly. I have to get from here to the Post Office, there to the station. Station to Seven Sisters, there to St Pancras and train to Ebbsfleet, taxi to hospital to visit Dad. Also to discuss the "care package" as nobody seems to know anything about it. Then taxi down to Mum and sort her out and stay with her for a wee while, and repeat the journey home. Lucy is having a very well-deserved day off.

This is really going to test my knee, my mettle and my patience. Waiting for the rain to pass before I get dressed.

A Very Trying Day

Call an Uber to go to the station, 12 minute wait, but no worries. Get cornered by next door who tells me all about his colostomy bag and bowels, so at least I didn't pass the time bored.............

Get to the station, no trains from Platform 3, engineering works, so over the bridge and of course the train was late and there's a longer cross over to the Vic Line from Tottenham Hale than at Seven Sisters, but anyway, manage that. Victoria Line, 7 minutes wait for a train, it's rammed, have to stand. Eventually get to Ebbsfleet and Uber on to Darent Hospital. Pop in first to see friend Jane, who has encephalitis. Nowhere to be found on the ward. Later find out she checked in under her married name, and checked out yesterday. So that's the second person in 5 days I've visited in hospital, who hasn't been there!

Dad has improved. But he still can't get about unaided or dress himself. He's off the drip and has a permanent colostomy bag fitted. Renal specialist not back til Monday so no further updates til then. Care package not arranged because no news from the renal guy. Get a message from Lu to say Mum asking where I was. Mum was told by me yesterday I would be there when I got there and was visiting Dad first, tell Lu I'll leave now and be there in half an hour. Get another Uber to Gravesend.

Visit with Mum starts off badly, and mostly continues in the same vein. She's heavily in denial, is telling different people different stories, being mean spirited, self-centered and just ghastly. I set her up with Tesco online, her food is being delivered tomorrow and she now knows how to do online grocery ordering, so that's a plus. By the time I left, she was a lot calmer and happier, I was the opposite. It is going to be a real battle with her.

Uber down to the market, meet up with Kate, thinking I can get rat-arsed and have a good time. Kate going to France at 2am, so that's a no-go. My fault for not checking first though. Have a chat and a laugh wither her and Nik though, so that's good.

Walk to the station, and by this point I am breaking. Sorely tempted to just Uber home, but get the train back to St Pancras and do the reverse journey home.

Open bottle of rose and hyperventilate whilst contemplating matricide. Speak to Dad to warn of impending doom.

I have to say, again, how proud I am of my dort. She has been the absolute BEST, visiting them both daily, with no car and not so much money. I am so, so proud of her. She has turned out to be A Very Good Human indeed.

Fridge Freezer stopped last night, and again whilst I was out today. So that may need replacing. Fingers crossed it doesn't.

Boo tomorrow. I may attempt a bike ride. I'll see how I feel in the morning. Today has really wiped me out. This bloody knee is painful and it aggravates when I try to do loads. The grass needs mowing and the housework needs doing, but I care not a jot!