July 19th, 2019

Running On Empty

But this is where it kicks in. This is where my spirit animals - my loyal and faithful Labrador, my strong but deadly Polar Bear and my resilient, resourceful and very hard-working Donkey, kick in.

It is gone 10, I have just ordered a pizza cuz I have been talking to Mum, Dad, Dort and Bro all night, and most of the day too. All week in fact. Lucy has been beyond brilliant. She has exceeded every possible expectation that a mother could have. I now need to step in, or hobble in, as I am struggling myself.

I will go to the hospital on Saturday and then stay with Mum a bit, Lucy is done in, she needs time off. Mum is gradually accepting that there will be biiiiig life changes. Dad is just Dad. He's been great. He now has a permanent catheter, which is a good thing, no elderly gent wants to wet himself. But he is still not mobile and may not be for a while. Mum is super-resistant to Social Services, but we have finally persuaded her it's a good thing. He can't dress or wash himself, she's only got one leg. It's a recipe for disaster without help. He is currently not able to drive. Mum needs to learn how to get to her appointments, use a mobile and do online grocery ordering. I'm on it. Lu's on it.

Dad is imobile and weak, that can be catered for, but she needs to see how bad he is to let that happen.

House is pretty much adapted since Mum's leg was amputated, that's a good thing.

Mum is shellshocked, she's 80, I get that. Dad just wants to rest, I get that too.

Sun's up. Message from boo, he's on his way back almost. I will be so happy to see him.

The endless messaging between me. Mark, Lu, Mum, Dad and various agencies has been really tiring, and of course a lot of it can only be done when I'm at work, due to the hours.

I can walk, albeit not far an not without pain. X-ray results next week. Saturday is going to be hard on me. But they deserve it. Uber is going to be my friend!