July 17th, 2019

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So after a long weekend of unwashed, filthy happy hippyness, back home to start sorting out what happened to Dad.

It transpired he had 2 falls on the Saturday, but managed to get himself up. On Sunday he had a third and simply could not, and he's almost 85. He tried calling me for a while - on the TV remote control and complained I wasn't in. Mark arrived, and decided to call an ambulance, they decided to take him to hospital, which is where he's been since Sunday.

He has a serious bladder and kidney infection, although no blockages according to the ultrasound. He's dehydrated, although now drinking water and on a drip. Antibiotics for the infection and blood thinners to prevent clots because he's immobile. He literally cannot get in or out of bed or stand or walk unassisted. He's very, very weak.

I hit the roof when I went to the hospital yesterday, he was sat there in a nappy! Fucking lazy cunts. I read them the riot act very calmly and explained that they would be doing exactly what I said would be done in order to not get sued. They argued and said they were too busy and short staffed, so I started clicking away and remarked upon my 100% success rate when dealing with complaints and legal matters, again, very calmly, but succinctly. Two minutes later, everything was being done. The old boys and girls on the ward started shouting "it's about time" and chimed in with their issues, all of which I will be forwarding to PALS, as I will be starting a formal complaint. Not only do they leave them around sat in soiled nappies, I saw a porter take a chap to the toilet and left the door open for all to see, drugs have to be begged for, appointments are not kept and all the staff keep saying is that they are too busy to help anyone. The ward is acute, so that's just not good enough.

Anyway, today he had a permanent catheter fitted. but no sign of coming home yet. He wants and can afford a gardener and cleaner, Mum's having none of it, so that's another battle for me to sort out. He's still exhausted, he doesn't want to go home yet.

In between I am keeping my brother and dort updated on everything, and vice versa as both Mark and Lu have been in to see him today. Lucy has been an absolute diamond, she's cooking Mum meals, sitting with her and sorting out her pills daily. Plus going to the hospital. Mark has been good too, but yesterday he was at Winchester as his dort was graduating, Emily got a 1st class hons, which is brilliant.

All notes photographed and whizzed thru to Lin, who's in Rottnest in Oz, for a layman's translation, bless her. All 15 pages! I am happy with what she's told me.

I will have to go there at the weekend. My own knee has ballooned, and has now spread down to my foot and I'm limping and in a lot of pain. Docs in the morning, but parents need help and that's more important. I can rest when I'm dead!

As a funny aside (well, almost), my Mum told me my aunt Karen was also in hospital, having a knee replacement, and that my cousin had popped in to see Dad that day. So I brought my aunt a bunch of flowers and though I'd pop in on the way to Dad's ward, to reciprocate. Only to be told she wasn't on the register and never has been (after me insisting she was). I later found out she's at a different hospital, Mum didn't mention that bit. Gave the flowers to Dad who gave them to the night staff, whom he said were nice.

Multiple, multiple calls to Mum, Dad and various. Oh and work and 2+ hours commute each day of course, on seriously overcrowded, hot trains. Yesterday I spent almost 6 hours travelling.

I'm really stressed TBH. Only gym/cocktopus and poo pix and cats keeping me sane. I feel very tired and it's only Wednesday.

I came home planning to have a bath and go to bed. But I've watered the garden, done some washing and I feel much more chillaxed now. Having the cats (who are admittedly sometimes very annoying) and my brightly painted lounge, and my mad garden and my sex-smell sheets is goooooood to come home to. I don't need to cook as we had a VIP meeting at work today and I've scoffed a lot of bacon rolls and double choc chip cookies. Not a great diet, but saves cooking!

I've neglected friends as family things need seeing to, and I can see that continuing for a few days.