July 12th, 2019

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So I am packed. I pair of leopard print shorts, 2 plain t-shirts, leather leggings in case it's chilly. Linen dress. Silk cocktail dress. Yes, silk cocktail dress. If we are going to have a cocktail party, then I will dress appropriately! Teamed with this.

No doubt tomorrow morning I will completely change my mind.

Two more people in the car now, so I am dealing with getting everything I need into the smallest trolley bag, and that includes a towel and toiletries. And a copy of Shantaram, which is a big book.

Tesco was 2 hours late, which kinda threw my planned schedule out tonight. But I am as ready as I can be. Mostly.

In minus news, my feet have swollen in the heat. In worse news, I had to inspect my own poonani tonight. And guess what - I have an actual mozzie bite on my poonani! This is due to me wandering about in just a t-shirt no doubt. Bring out the Stop-Itch!

Today I am feeling much better. Partially due to deciding I am me, and partially due to a peace offering photo, and partially due to being chatted up by a couple of intriguing gentlemen. Partially due to a couple or three good Ebay sales and partially due to a couple of nice glasses of red this evening. And partially due to Santi buying me a special treat we discussed and just having 3 days off to enjoy. I may not even take my phones.