July 10th, 2019

Sometimes in life

You can demand dwarves and pirates and gaffer tape. I know the right people, I am well served in that department. In fact, when you ping a club promoter saying you want dwarves, in hotpants, with supersized dicks wearing biiiig boots, and he pings back saying he loves you. IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN!!!

In other news that I wasn't expecting

"I really liked the mischievous look in your eye. So I read further. Your honesty is awesome. I too adore PDSs, snogging n snuggling, books films and new experiences. After chatting with you, I'm finding myself quite taken with you. Which is a bit odd - at least for me - , considering we haven't even spoken."

In more other news, I am quite happy as things go. I keep silent as expected. I have no problems, issues, fears or worries. I don't ask anything of anybody.

Keep it in, keep quiet, shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Freak Scene

Last night was a blast, Eben on tip top form and still killing me with his political anecdotes. he's always fun to go out with.

Freak Scene was good, although expensive, glad to have 50% off. The food is beautifully presented, but alas very small, although it is supposed to be a small plates dining experience. Great service, the guys behind the bar were very engaging. Then on to Ku, which was actually completely empty when we got there. That's a first! I think much of Soho was still slumped post-Pride weekend!

Tonight I'm off to see flamenco at Saddlers Wells with Santi. Nobody ever wants to see flamenco with me, but he jumped at the chance. And freebies too, all good :)

Still haven't sorted out stuff for the festival this weekend, it'll have to be a last-minute jobbie on Thursday evening. So-so weather not helping, but at least it's allegedly not going to rain. Really looking forward to it now.

The legal matter I was helping with is going to the Police this afternoon, I'll wait n see what happens. I think it's probably just a bunch of girls being cunty, there's nothing at all to substantiate any of it so far, despite invitations and opportunities.

Several friends having a really rough time of it at the moment. I'm going to attempt some cheersy-upsy and love.

David has found my FB profile LMAO! I am OK with that, he's being very complimentary, and I'm certainly OK with that. And it's a lot better than being told how I should be behaving. I'm not very good at behaving I think. I should try harder to keep quiet and fit in.

Apparently I'm impressing people, so jolly well done me. No idea who or why or how, so if you are one of those people, do tell me, I could always do with something to make me smile! I get a lot of criticism, some praise would be lovely. Meanwhile, I shall don my magical cape of invulnerability and crack on!

(no subject)

I feel wretched. I can't cancel tonight because the person I'm going with needs support more than I do, so that wouldn't be fair. I hope it's emotional, and then my tears can be attributed to my Latin temprament and soul.

I don't know what to do about the festival now. I really don't want to go. I would rather be at home this weekend and not see people.

I am going to make a real effort to not post anything at all about myself or my life on here any more. I didn't realise it was seen as validation or approval etc, I was just me being me, and that clearly isn't good.

Meanwhile, if you get the opportunity to be nice to somebody, do that. You have no idea what burden they may be carrying, or how badly they feel.

And this https://thoughtcatalog.com/becca-martin/2016/07/read-this-if-you-say-im-okay-because-you-dont-want-to-be-a-burdon/