July 9th, 2019

Horrible People

At approximately 3.30am, Murphy decided to bring his new mouse friend to the bedroom for presentation. I didn't sleep much after that. Assistant pitching up a couple of hours late did nothing to improve my morning!

Very busy day at work, which I like, plenty to get stuck in to.

Afterwards, with some trepidation as my knee is very swollen and my muscle still hurts, I pedalled down the canal towpath to Broxbourne, to collect and incredibly heavy toilet seat for Rod. And loved it, I did pretty OK. The journey back was a bit more of a wobble, and it kept hitting my knee, LOL, but made it, and feel better for a genteel outing.

I started getting festival ready tonight, but didn't get far before I was pinged and asked to help with a very nasty person, which I did. But I am pretty gobsmacked at how ghastly people can be. So I may nix Wednesday's outing to actually do sorting and packing, especially as the weather is sooooo changeable. Looks like it's not going to exactly be a scorcher *sigh*

Tomorrow dins in Soho with Eben and then drinks in a gay bar. Should be fun!