July 8th, 2019


Murphy is cavorting in the hallway with a live mouse. Fatso is watching on intently. I am waiting for it to be dedded so I can go to bed. I've just been victorious with 2 kimonos, and had a nana nap on the sofa, so not actually tired.

It rained all last night, so mother nature took care of the garden watering, TYVM. When I went out this morning, all the little flowers had their heads up and were positively smiling at me! I did a cursory vacuum and dust, so both the house and garden are looking pretty OK, which is good.

Lunch was fab. They've upgraded The Bulls Head again, that place just gets better and better, it's easily the nicest place to go around here, but that's not hard. I do love a social lunch, seven of us was just right. And we sat outside in the sunshine afterwards. I came home and nodded off in the garden for half an hour, and then came indoors and promptly did the same again. This evening I caught up with The Handmaid's Tale, and the last episode of Gentleman Jack, which featured Gravesend!

Tomorrow I need to sort out what clothes I need for the festival next weekend.

Resting today has maybe done the pulled muscle good, it feels a tad better. Going to take it easy this week, back in the gym and on the bike next week!

All in all, a lovely social weekend, plus I got everything that really needed doing, done. Pleased with that :)