July 7th, 2019

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Spent this morning merrily chatting to Lin, who's off to Oz for 3 months on her trip of her a lifetime. literally til she was out the door as she was feeling anxious. And at the same time, chatting to Santi about the festibubble next week, It has a hot tub, yoga, Bollywood dance classes, woodworking classes, archery, storytelling and of course, lots of music! I am really looking forward to it. I am gonna try everything on offer, except the Lego competition. Plus, he is very insistent on offering me what he refers to as my "full concierge camping". Which consists of him picking me up in his car, him bringing me a tent and all the bits and putting it up and me just being a qween! Can't believe my luck really! And lastly, still chatting away to David in Haarlem, who's coming to see me in August.

This afternoon was another story. Bloody hard graft in the garden, all 3 lawns mowed, heavy duty weeding and hedge trimming. Hasn't rained, so I guess I'm watering in the morning. The 2 lots of washing, kitchen tidying, floor bleaching and general tidying. Too tired to dust n vacuum, that can wait til tomorrow. Did manage to load some Ebays and do some research. So all in all, an incredibly productive day.

Tomorrow Debs is up, and a few of us are out to The Bulls Head for a boozy lunch.

I just spent 45 mins on the sofa snuggling with Fatso, he's super-loved up and snuggly. Gawd knows where the Bengal is.