July 6th, 2019

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My day started at 2am, when I get a message from my assistant to say he's not coming in as his brother was trying to commit suicide. This was followed by somebody injured on the tracks on the Victoria line, resulting in a delightful 45 minute stand at a very hot and overcrowded Seven Sisters platform, so 35 minutes late. Only to find that assistant-in-training has decided to just not come in! Oh the yoof of today!

An exceptionally busy day, but scoot off to the river boat pier at Embankment, and find that there's heavy delays as the boats are full. They do not refund, so basically you have to wait. So another delightful long stand, almost an hour, but I got on, and saved a seat for Donna, 2 stops away. Get the G&Ts in, and it was a fun trip down the river to Greenwich.

We scoffed a couple of dirty burgers in Byron, by which time Ronnie and Ian had arrived, and set off for the Royal Naval College to meet up with the others. We are all on D's disabled tix, so the search was cursory and we got in with our gins hidden in her walker. Find a nice spot and settle down. Lovely crowd and Horse Meat Disco were up first, very groovy music, as you'd expect from a gay set. Groove Armada were good, but a tad underwhelming we thought. But we sorta boogied and carried on drinking and laughing, so a bloody good evening. Happy times.

Not too bad getting home, I was back by 11.45 as I left just before the end to avoid the crowds. Fatso mewing pitifully. He coralled me on to the sofa, where I slept like a log, and woke up just before 5 this morning, feeling fresh.

There's a LOT of gardening and housework to be done, but I'm not convinced I'm going to do it. I fancy just enjoying a day off. I've got 2 books Nix left me which I haven't even picked up yet. Rod wants me to ride to Waltham Abbey to pick up some beer, I'll give them a call later. He's on the mend thankfully. Had some "interesting" photos.

The pulled muscle at the bottom of by left leg really bloody hurts, I've had no time at all to rest it up.