July 2nd, 2019


So, Chris moved all the stuff. He's been his own work creation scheme, having to do everything twice in a very short period, when he could've done the decent thing and asked before doing it. He's also been on the receiving end of a tongue lashing (albeit via messenger as I was in Holland), and gone down in my rstimation. So basically he shot himself in the foot. I would have been more than happy for it all to be in the side garden, but no, people want to take matters into their own hands and be preseumptuous, then they will suffer the consequences. He has apologised for the "misunderstanding" so all good. Finished.

Mic the Aussie nomad is chez moi. He arrived last night and has been fab to talk to. I think my decision the step out of what people would consider to be a normal comfort zone has paid dividends. I'm aware that people think I'm mad letting a complete stranger stay, but me and other people's opinions don't always mix. And anyway, I like looking after people. The only sus thing sol far is that Fatso doesn't seem to like him.

Rod was messaging right until his plane took off, so that's a sweet tradition. And again during his Doha stop. Karachi isn't a natural choice for him, I hope he has a really great time there, although lordy knows how he'll cope with the gating and alcohol restrictions, LMAO! he sent some really funny pix of Ma, covered in mud.

Also messaging with David in Haarlem. I'm quite taken by him, despite the obvious distance. Must see how Philippe is doing with Jos!