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June 24th, 2019


Friday night = more garden toiling. It looks good now, but will of course need constant attention for the next 2 months. Hedge is still a matter of consternation. Idiot slave pulled up some flowers from the front garden on Sunday morning, which I didn't ask him to do! Twat.

Saturday I was up with the larks and down to Kent to visit upon the partentals. It was lovely sitting in the back garden chatting away with them. Both are doing ok under the circumstances, and looked well. So much love.

And then off to visit Kate. She shut shop when I arrived and we plonked ourselves on an outside table at Rico Sabor. David and Paul joined us shortly after, and much fizz was necked. Much! An absolutely fabulous afternoon and evening full of chat and laughs.

This resulted in me being very hungover on Sunday morning, I went back to bed at 7am and stayed asleep until 1. Thus, bike ride didn't happen, and slow roast pork was slightly bodged. Rod arrived a few hours early, which was fine. Better than fine actually, he came straight upstairs and completely ravaged me, after having sent several glorious photos the night before. And the afternoon and evening was spent on the sofa with citrus gin. Very relaxed. Gifted him with a "Team Kelson" shirt to match mine, and a sexy clubbing catsuit, which he looks very tasty in.

This week I am seeing Paul on Wednesday, and on Friday I'm off to Amsterdam. Philippe is picking me up from the station and sez drinkies and the hot tub will be waiting!

Still Fat. Still Glorious!

Yes it's true, I'm not svelte or slim. I'm lush, ripe and I love every inch of me.

I'm soft on the inside as well as the outside, so don't be mean to me.


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