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June 19th, 2019

All In All

I'm actually not another brick in the wall.

If I die tonight, I would worry about who would look after our cats. Fatso Catso, a fat, white no-breed, in need of constant love...and FOOD. Murphy, the subbie Bengal. Supreme hunter but loves his home comforts. With his loooongg stretchy limbs and demanding temperament. When he decides to grace us with his presence, not oft in summer months.

Boo would, of course. He is half owner anyways. And they luffs him. All good.

And I could itemise my life and it's contents here. No need. Boo gets my pension and savings, with proviso he gives my lovely Lu whatever she wants, I trust him with my life. I gave her most of my gold and silver on her 18th and 21st anyway. Most importantly, the diamond eternity ring he gifted me, must go to her. I have worn it, stoically, through everything. It is my symbol of endurance. And still on my finger now.

But those are physical things. More, much more important are....

Campaigns for good animal husbandry and a decent slaughter. I am hugely proud of helping to put people in prison. Once I'm gone, maybe somebody will find a way to hack and see what I've done. I don't give a flying, because I know I've contributed. I helped, I didn't pass by. Same with friends.

My lovely dort. Bolshie, arsey, contrary and perfect in every way. I didn't ask for a blow up doll or a Love Island eejit. She is my shadow and my light and she gives me hope for the world. She is me II. Ace. And these are HER choices.

I have been super blessed with my parents. I was The Chosen One. As an adoptee, nobody could wish for more. I am in awe of my parents.

My relationships have been amazing. Juan, Mark, Jon and Rod. Almost 40 years. Rod endures, The love of my life. My go-to, my rock, and the one that sort-of understands me. My lover and hater. If I die tomorrow, it will have been a life well lived with him. A amazing and beautiful person. I hope, as we mature, we get better. What a fabulous ride it has been! I love him with all my heart, and then some. He will always be with me. And I am grateful.

What a life!

And I'm FAR from done yet.......

Many Moons Ago

Readers will have seen my comments regarding BoJo and his uncanny resemblance to Churchill, historically/politically speaking. I said at the time, when he challenged Mistress May, that it was not his time. And it wasn't.

Times have changed, rather more quickly than I had anticipated. But in the same direction, it has to be said.

I'm actually little bit excited. A mostly foreign, intellectual genius (look it up), philanderer, adulterer, MASTER debater (look that up too, I've been a fan for years), and very popular, even amongst non Conservative voters, PM. Within reaching distance.

We shall see what we shall see of course



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