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June 18th, 2019

How Do I Love Thee?

Purloined from Ms Elizabeth Barrett Browning, of course.

I love thee because thou art old n fat. And yet ye go out there and do it anyway. Bigger and larger than those less than half your age - and weight!

I love thee because thou wilt shine in a room of dull. Thou shall always find a positive and make use of it. And find a way. Or make one (cheers Hannibal).

I love thee because thou dost calculate the odds, and do it anyway. Badder.

I love thee because you find the good and shiny in all things, and treat each day and each opportunity as a multi-faceted diamond for you to either mine, cut or polish.

I love thee because when you are afraid you kick back and decry - and then come out firing on all 8 guns, better than ever.

I love thee because your brain, like your body, is the snaketopus. And the Cockodile.

I love thee because your spirit remains wild and untamed. In spite of everything.

I love thee because you are loyal to a tee. You are entirely dependable.

I love thee because you are innovative, insightful and daring.

I love thee for your entirely indomitable spirit. When they think you are down, you rise.

I love thee for your old fashioned values, juxtaposed with your very modern outlook.

I love thee for apologising and reconsidering your viewpoint.

I love thee for now being able to walk away when the fight isn't worth it.

I love thee for also standing up for those with little or no voice. Somebody has to.

I love thee for taking chances, playing the long game and yet still being able to live n the moment.

I love thee for just being thee and all that thee entails.

Ode to myself. June 2019


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