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June 17th, 2019

Fuck Yeah!

Friday night didn't go to plan, Rod 2 hours behind. No dins, not as much hotel fun stuffs as I'd hoped. However, once inside the club, hellooooooooooooo.

Yes, he did love it as much as I thought he would. Yes it was very messy and yes he was very sexxxxy. We decorated each other absurdly, a bit randomly, and with a lot of fun and little finesse. It was fabulous. We danced lots, coloured in some more. He got on stage and boogied with a blow up unicorn round him. Glorious, but simple fun. Looking back, I was probably the oldest female, although not by any mark the fattest, and I probably did more and had more fun than many. We both loved the mostly naked and very public skin-on-skin. If it had been possible to...............we would have. It was one of "our" nights.

And a late night 2am Turkish meal close to the hotel. We were both ravenous. Good food. Good lovemaking too.

Just made breakfast and a quick scoot to St Pancras. All aboard the Eurostar to Brussels. Next installment tomorrow, I am tired!

Penniless in Brussels

So on Saturday morning I discovered my purse, with £50 cash and all my cards, missing. Pinged the venue and the promoters, no joy. I have no idea what happened to it. However, then spent half an hour on the phone cancelling cards. I now have absolutely not a penny and no cards until the new ones, and their pins, turn up, so this could be a very lean week! I could've borrowed some from Rod, but thought no, adapt, overcome, survive!

Anyways, tubed to St p an all aboard the Eurostar for Bruxelles. Efficient as always, and of course no complaints about travelling in Business. I scored his nibbs a couple of beers from the lounge, he was happy with that, and read glossy magazines that I'd never actually pay for throughout the journey.

We got somewhat lost in Brussels Midi and kept going back on ourselves. It was pretty warm by that time, and we were both a tad irritable. However, about an hour and a half later, lo we were in our well located and well appointed, free apartment. We did what we do, head over he bed, mmmmmm. Himself went out to buy wine, I had a bath and nursed what was to be the first of my blisters.

In the evening, post snax, we set off for a walking tour of the city, which we both found surprisingly delightful! The Manneken Pis and his sister Jenneke Pis, were both..........small and underwhelming. The puppet theatre as seen in Travelman, is pretty. The old buildings are either wonky and quaint or gilded and absolutely spectacular! We didn't have an agenda, just strolled around for a few hours, investigating whatever we liked the look of. Eventually settling for a very eclectic looking restaurant, which we then left because the menu didn't meet up to the standards of the decor. Ended up in an Italian. Not the greatest, but not bad either. But did love late night eating. It's cool being European! Due to poverty, I didn't have any Belgian chocolate, but can cofirm it all looked absolutely amazing! The window displays were all little works of art, gorgeous!

We were supposed to wake an early start for the marchés aux puces (and that was the only French I taught Rod!). But slept in, only just sliding down for breakfast at 10.30. If fact Rod went and made my breakfast for me, which was lovely. He also made a couple of actual Belgian waffles, which were okish in the hotel, but had the appearance, texture and taste of furniture foam later in the day! We nicked some bits for pick-er-nicking, packed and shipped out. Headed off on the tram, with our shiny 7.5 Euro 24 tickets (bargain BTW). But, en-route I espy what looks like a lot of people with full bags, and think aha! So we get off, and lo, there's a massive flea market. Really massive.

Very mixed, very little new stuff, a lot of junk, but if one were buying for one's chateau, you could've bagged a few bargains for sure. I loved a pair of tall, heavy brassish (not brass) candelabras, but I don't have the home for them, so there they stayed. Rod brought some cycling gear for Harry monster. All in all, rummaging through foreign fleas and negotiating in French is more interesting than Harlow boot fair methinks, I enjoyed it, Rod was in heaven :)

Walking back, we find a pre-Tour de France race and expo being packed up and the Tour itself being set up, it departs from Brussels this year. Himself nicked a very large sign thingy, and I spotted a tour jacket on the floor, which he picked up. Very chuffed!

Back on the tram, through the Royal Park to the Atomium. It really is a fantastic structure. We had a leftovers picnic on deckchairs out the front. Gloriously sunny. Observation du jour is that Belgians wear a LOT of band t-shirts, Metallica easily being the most popular. Extra points for matching couples, LMAO! Rod went up inside, I stayed at the bottom quaffing pink bubbles I'd purloined from the business class lounge.

And then we realised we were miles away from the hotel and due to check in at Eurostar, so a mad rush to get back, pick up our cases and get to the station.

All in all, apart from the loss of my cards and money, it really was a great weekend.


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