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June 12th, 2019

Ups n Downs

Rod pings me this morning on his way back from K's and offers me a lift to the station as it's raining/Train cancelled.

Despite this I get to work early/Systems down or on a major go slow.

Meeting in Hammersmith re-arranged as a conference call/Nothing achieved.

Lots of free gigs on offer/None on suitable dates.

2 good PD bookings /No dunge

I am awarding myself a chillax night. Last night I had a nesting frenzy and did a lot of housework and some painting! Which, surrise, surprise, I enjoyed. I have never really gotten into any sort of domesticity since Lucy, but I find myself enjoying it. It gave me a little glow. I am still clubbin' n sexxin' n travellin' but finding pleasure in different things too. The trouble is, to do even half of what I'd like to do I'd need a minimum 48 hours in a day and 4 day weekends. But it's better than being idle or bored!

Now out of Facebook jail for the heinous crime of bare buttocks during WNBR, and they sent an apology. Still naffed off at the blanket censorship though, although I am aware that you sign your soul away when you join the freebie paradise.

After a great deal of thought and introspecting, I have decided that I am strong and confident enough to open my heart and mind to new things. It will, no doubt, be an interesting journey.

Deeply appreciative of all that I have, all that I am and all that is yet to come. And for those that love me.

And I forgot to buy milk, AGAIN. How many times can I actually DO THAT!!!


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