June 11th, 2019

Very Content

Last night I tackled the bathroom. I haven't done any housework since before I went to Corfu, so there's uhhhhh, quite a bit to do! And of course as soon as I started, I found lots of other things that needed doing, so I merrily poodled along doing those. In spite of Fatso's best efforts, I think now an athsmatic person could enter the house without dying. The amount of fur he sheds is simply astronomical. I don't understand why he isn't bald as a coot. But anyway, the visible bits are reasonably clean and reasonably tidy. Looking after a largish house and garden when you work full time and commute over 2 hours a day, is, hard work. But I do what I can :)

I've decided to nix London plans this week in favour of haus-frauing and exercise, two areas I've been a bit of a slacker in since holibobs. Also, the weekend was very full-on, and next weekend is busy too, so some down time is good. Can't do gardening, it's too wet, which is disappointing. Yesterday's downpour flattened a lot, poo!

I got a very late email last night, a good news from the lottery. I didn't open it, and instead went to bed making amazing plans in my head about what I would do with my winnings. That was actually good fun! Thinking about where I would buy homes, what wonderful experiences I'd have and how I would share my good fortune. I slept really well! This morning, I decided upon opening the mail, to re-invest my £5 win on Euromillions tonight, so keep your fingers crossed for me LOL!

Today I've worked from home, doing a LOT of training. Essential but I have a numb bum and my brain isn't far behind. I may counter with a bike ride. Rod has left one of his bikes here, I may try that instead of Brunhilde, as I need to be trying different styles, and gears.