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June 10th, 2019

Vive Le Weekend!

Friday was Rumpus. Rod in gold hotpants and me in a sequinned playsuit and my shiny new peaked hat. Some unfortunate queue-related misunderstandings which I will pass on to Santi when I see him in person, but a good night with plenty going on, some great music and loads of dancing. I kinda know how much effort goes into producing this event, which we've been to a few times over the years, and I truly am very appreciative of being guest-listed, as it was completely sold out. And so it should be! It's a fun event. Scar also came, she was glittery and on good form. Loved all the outfits as well as being in such an open and happy crowd. The atmosphere is electric and Santi was a god! My god was on banging form too ;)

Oh and I found a pair of steampunk goggles, so a complete win overall.

Also on the list of appreciations was a comp stay and breakfast in nearby Shoreditch.

Saturday was World Naked Bike Ride. Which meant zooming back to Herts, cat feeding and heading back in to London. The trains were buggered, so that added a wee bit of stress, but it all came good and we were there for the start. The usual brigade of 95% Asian pervs taking close up photos with no permission, but a genuinely great event, even if we were not pedalling as much as I would have liked. Chatted to lots of peeps, rode behind the music man and boogied on bikes. And another open and happy crowd with almost all onlookers whooping and cheering us on. It's so liberating riding nude along London's streets. This is my third with Rod and I did another with Sarah about 3-4 years ago, and I really do rate it. Issues getting home on the train, different issues to the ones getting in, but we quaffed G&Ts, shared a sammige and just waited.

Saturday night, post feeding my road warrior, I relaxed (as in tidied up and did the laundry, LOL!), and meanwhile he did 100km through the night for charity. He was kinda grumpling saying he might not finish, knees, tiredness etc, but I knew he would, so I went to bed and set my alarm for 4am with the full knowledge his competitive nature would shine through. When he came back, I had a Radox bath waiting for him, and we had a wee kip before starting on...............Sunday.

I won 2 VIP tickets to the Polo finals at Hurlingham, so off we go on the train. En route we discover he needs a jacket for the VIP enclosure. Google was our friend and a nearby charity shop was sourced. I go ahead, get out table seats, get the Pimms in and get the food, which incidentally, was lovely. pork belly, sliders, chicken, salads and rices, multiple desserts and a massive cheese board. It just kept coming! Rod turns up with a stylish Paul Costelloe jacket and Oakley sunglasses, so much happy all round. Free Pimms, free wine (decent!) and more, plus the polo, which I found fun because the chukkas are short. Not my cuppa personally, but a great experience. And we wandered round to the Lancaster stand to collect my goody bag, which was also part of the prize, and I am more than happy to have expensive sun tanning products that I wouldn't pay for myself! And then 2 hours later, full afternoon tea. In spite of being very full, we managed lots more. It's a different world, but we were fine. Something a bit different.

So a very full-on weekend which has left us middle-agers a bit tired, but there's life in us old dogs yet! I certainly couldn't do every or even many weekends like this, but a combination of luck and circumstance presented me with a lot of free opportunities, and we grabbed them with both hands.

I had a sofa snooze on his tummy and actually feel quite lively now, and it's gone midnight.

Two new words. Snaketopus and bushkaki, hahahahaha!

ln a Nutshell

I never aped, copied or reproduced. I have been me, utterly. I never brought into anybody else's life, mine was the one people wanted into.

My photos have been stolen and misappropriated, my profiles completely copied, my ideas ripped off and my life hijacked.

But still I rise.

I am 53, fat and unafraid. I will go on to greater things, because that's just me. And those who love me will rise with me.



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