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June 3rd, 2019


Woke up bright n early this morning, there were showers, but it was still sunny, so I decided to head off as planned to meet Pete n Mandy in Corfu Town for sightseeing, shopping and a meal.

The first bus passed and didn't stop. Heavily overloaded, and not wanting the 9 at my stop. 45 minutes later, same story. By this time the sky had gone the darkest of greys and it was tipping down.

Back to my hotel room, and I seized upon the opportunity to sit like an impoverished student, drinking gallons of Nescafe (my Al Jazeera is finished) and studying. Very hard in fact, I have completed and submitted the remaining two thirds of my Lean Management course, so 2 weeks of work tucked away. All this on just some custard creams and a lot of lovely old choons I fancied listening to. Updating with P&M every couple of hours. They never made it that far down either in the end, the rain was too much.

And it rained and rained. It is still raining (almost 8pm here now) although lighter and there's a gap between the sea and the clouds. It's called my stomach, hahahaha!

Tomorrow's forecast is grim too. There's not a soul in the bar, so I may binge watch Jack Clancy on Amazon Prime. Petros is taking me to the airport, bless him. I'm really hoping for just a little sun tomorrow, I don't fancy another day shuttered up.


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