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June 1st, 2019

Let The Season Begin!

The First of June. Almost a religious holiday in the Med. I have always been a fan of late May holidays, because it's quieter and cheaper, the Europeans (hot countries), firmly believe the season starts on the 1st of June.

At around 10am, the private jets started coming in, every 15 minutes. My part of the bay has gleaming white yachts bobbing around. It was akin to a very upmarket Apocalypse Now.

For small hoteliers, restauranteurs and shops, this is make or break time. They have 5 months now to make enough to see them through the winter. Corfu shuts down in mid October and winter jobs are pretty much non-existent.

I was up just before sunrise and walked to St Sophia, a tiny, tiny little church, nestled at the bottom of the rocky cliff not far from here. It was locked up, but I snapped a few shots through dusty windows. I doubt it holds 10 people. A little joy to find. And I found a very secluded bit f beach, we're I imagined sitting, naked, with my lover, drinking red wine. It's inaccessible by foot, you'd need to swim or paddle a boat there.

Came back for breakfast the long way, until the sun was fully in her majesty. And spent the rest of the day between the beach and the jetty, soaking up rays and reading The Psychopath Test (another Jon Ronson gem). Ad swimming in the sea. Lots of that :)


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