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May 23rd, 2019

May. 23rd, 2019

I've just lit my sage smudge stick for Domma's friend Karen. I don't know her, but it does no harm and I believe it helps. I wish her a swift passage x

After last night's shennanigans with the plump mousey, I come home to a feather strewn hallway and a dead bird under the rug. Murphy is an arse. A little shit. An indifferent killer.

Had a fab night out with Santi. A Greek on Camden's backstreets, away from the tourists and the fashionable peeps. We talked and laughed and quaffed. Again, he is 20 years my junior, so no romance or silly stuffs. Pure friends. I remain amazed that somebody so educated and informed values my opinion and input. But I am a cross between mamma hen and lioness extraordinare. It has made me have a good think about Chosen Family.

He's invited me to a festival he isn't working at but has comps. Ordinarily I would have checks and balances and quid pro quos. This time I just said yes. Yes if involves necking wine and not washing much. If somebody amazing just wants me to be me from Friday to Monday, I can do that! I can just be me, with no provisos.

May. 23rd, 2019

I am now relaxing, by body beautifully bathed and oiled, hair freshly washed and nails polished. My weekend got even better with the addition of lovely Dawnie, who's having a very hard time at the moment, coming for a late girly lunch tomorrow. Really looking forward to that, we haven't had a good talk in eons it seems.

Hoped to see Rod tonight, and did, too briefly, but I am the understanding sort, and fingers crossed for Sunday. Instead I mowed all 3 lawns, did a bit of weeding, tidied up, cleared the fridge out and fed the foxes the two adults came at dusk. Sorted my toiletries and some bits out for holibobs. Not bad for somebody who last night was sat outside a Greek taverna in Camden having three bottles of rose and then ouzo. My partner in crime didn't surface til 10, I was at my desk by 8.45! I do have a lot of energy for somebody of my age.

Fab Pilates class today.

Yet again, I am pretty oblivious to people flirting with me, and somebody else has to point it out. I never think people pursue me, but got told to look at the facts. Constant messages on various fet sites, men actually paying to talk to me, 48 blokes I'm keeping in a holding pattern on Bumble, endless winks and whatever on other sites, and people chatting me up and I don't even realise it. And I don't even "do" anything. I am kinda tempted to do Tinder in Corfu, but the place I stay in isn't in a resort. But I am a prize, a catch as they say. Hmmmmm.


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